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Evolver announces new Manager and Promoter

June 12, 2009

Evolver (from left to right: James Cohen, Sean Murphy, Peter Pote, and Tulsa Pittaway)

Evolver (from left to right: James Cohen, Sean Murphy, Peter Pote, and Tulsa Pittaway)

Evolver recently announed the recent acquisition of their new manager and promoter, Doug Davenport, who hails from the United States’ New York.

Doug heard Evolver during a holiday to South Africa in 2008, and he began negotiating with the band to sign as their exclusive manager and promoter. He has called them “The most talented Rock Band in South Africa” in severl public speeches, while he confirmed his professional interest when attending the Music Exchange Conference in Cape Town in March. He and the band have formalised their agreement, following some closed door meetings.

Doug has previously worked for such famous bands as U2, The Killers, The Cult, The Strokes and many others. He hopes to expand his horizons by coming to South Africa, particularly as the 2010 FIFA World Cup will head to South Africa soon.

According to Peter Pote, Evolver’s front man, “[He] is a breath of fresh air and an inspiration to be around, he is positive and passionate in everything he does, him being part of the Evolver machine has not only poured petrol on the fire in the band, but sprinkled a bit of napalm in the mix”.

Davenport added that seeing Evolver at Coke Fest 2009 was proof of their talent – they managed to excite 20 000 fans, and this is impressive on any level! His decision to spend more time in the country will certainly bring the passion of the United States to Evolver’s evolution.

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