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Everyone’s doing it… Are you?

July 21, 2009

Everyone’s doing it. Are you?

doitday24Do It Day is the one amazing day every year when South Africans take time out to share their energy and skills with good causes around the country, and it takes place on 18 September! This year will be the biggest Do It Day yet!

The event is an annual call to action, organised and hosted by GreaterGood South Africa and brought to you by The Old Mutual Foundation, along with other associate sponsors. It is a day of nation-building, connecting South Africans with good causes and allowing them to give something back to their communities.

It’s easy to make a difference on Do It Day…simply sign up online for a project in your city that you would like to volunteer at and arrive there on 18 September. GreaterGood SA aims to mobilise Team South Africa, recruiting a record of 20 000 volunteers to work on 2 000 projects this year.

There is a huge range of options to choose from so everyone will find something that appeals to them. The non-profit organisations registered with GreaterGood SA have a lot of jobs that need doing, from painting homeless shelters to making sandwiches for the hungry and removing alien vegetation from animal welfare homes.

The projects for Do It Day are categorised into “Heart”, “Head” and “Sweat” projects: “Heart” projects may include reading to the elderly at a care home in your community; a “Head” project might be using your computer skills to create a website for a local organisation; and “Sweat” projects are simply those that require hard work.

Many of the Do It Day projects will have an urban greening focus this year, as 2010 nears, aiming to clean up our beautiful country in preparation for the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup. Another focus will be on youth development, aiming to get our children off the streets and onto the soccer pitch, or doing something constructive and empowering.

The message of Do It Day rings loud and clear in these challenging economic times…everyone has something to give, and making a difference doesn’t have to cost you a thing! The event is all about encouraging a culture of volunteering by leveraging the pool of human resources that are readily available, such as our time, skills and energy.

Do It Day is considered to be a powerful and symbolic tool for change, and it has the potential to promote sustainable, long-term relationships between volunteers and causes, and change stigmas about giving. The event will promote teamwork, motivate staff, demonstrate the value of hard work, and, best of all, support good causes in communities around the country!

Signing up for Do It Day is easy: simply sign up online on the site, or SMS the word “Volunteer” and your name to 33009. Please note that the SMS will be charged at R1.50, and free SMS’s do not apply. The process is quick and easy, and if you find that you can’t make the actual day, you can still contribute, with some ready-made alternatives. Simply visit the website or call 021 762 7338 for more.

GreaterGood South Africa brings good causes and committed givers together in meaningful and innovative ways with the aim of ending poverty in South Africa. The organisation makes it simple for individuals and businesses to support registered non-profit organisations with skills that cannot be measured. For more, click here.

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