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Pick of the Movies to delight movie-goers in SA!

July 29, 2009

Film-buffs around the country will be pleased to know of the new printed digest of the best recent films. Called Pick of the Movies, it is a consolidation of key review information providing movie-goers with a comprehensive and easy-to-use guide, meaning you won’t ever have to watch a rubbish film again!

The booklet, printed as an illustrated quarterly pocketbook, reviews 150 films in 15 categories, and covers a range of movies catering for every taste. Pick of the Movies is available in bookshops around the country, as well as selected video stores in the Western Cape.

It has a convenient size, which allows you to keep it with you for spur of the moment movie-watching decisions. The review is also easy and quick to read. Every film features audience and reviewer scores, in order to provide a balanced review. All recent films that scored more than six are included in the booklet, as well as some that people just loved anyway.

The booklet allows movie-goers to identify less well known titles they might not have thought off, and will also enable them to avoid big0name flops, spot new talent and mark up a personal checklist of films you want to see or already have seen. This booklet will provide quick and informative help for those buying, renting or downloading DVDs.

For more information, or call 021 685 7920 or email The booklet costs R29.95.

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