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XS Health Partners with Riverside Mall Health and Wellness Week and Biggest Loser Competition

September 1, 2009

XS healthOn behalf of XS Health, one of the sponsors of The Biggest Loser competition running at the Riverside Mall Health and Wellness Week.

“Acceptance is not submission; it is acknowledgment of the facts of a situation. Then deciding what you’re going to do about it.” Kathleen Casey Theisen

It’s time to get back into that swimsuit again and soak up the summer sun!

• XS Health along with Riverside Mall will help you shake back into shape this summer!

• XS Health offers a range of lifestyle supplements to help you look and feel your best.

We at XS Health focus on personal health and well being.

 Our primary goal is to provide our consumers with highly advanced dietary supplements to compliment the modern fast paced lifestyle so that they can have the body they always wanted.


Our supplements have been scientifically formulated to help achieve the results our consumers are looking for.

We are sponsoring two contestants for the Riverside Mall Biggest Loser competition. Come down to the mall to view the final results to see for yourself that miracles do happen! The Competition starts on 2 September 2009, with the final weigh-in on 14 October 2009.  The results will be displayed at Riverside Mall.

• What does low GI actually mean and how will it benefit me?
• See our ‘MAGIC MIRROR’ for a preview of the future new you!
• Find out what Detox really means for you and your body.
• THE BIG Q ANSWERED: Why my previous diets and attempts have failed and what do I do now?

Feel it working from DAY 1 and LOSE UP TO 4kg’s IN 4 WEEKS AND DROP A DRESS SIZE!
Discover the simple truths about weight loss that have helped so many people lose weight and maintain their results.

Visit us at the Riverside Mall Health Expo to get all the answers. Also visit us at

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