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Bhangra performance tonight only!!

October 19, 2009

Bhangra GroupThe Bhangra Group is embarking on a surprise visit to Montecasino, for one night only, TONIGHT!

The group comes from Punjab, India, the mystical land of the five rivers, and will perform their most popular and virile community dance of the Punjab nation. The dance consists of highly complex dancing, with plenty of acrobatic movements that depict spontaneous vigour and vitality, all to the beat of a traditional drum.

Witness the Punjabi Sabhyachar Kender, which was establsihed in 1986 to promote traditional Punjab culture to other Indian communities. The group showcases everything from instruments to folk songs and dances, and the group will also perform Jhoomar, the most popular Punjabi dance, and Jindua, a dance that shows love.

Don’t miss this spectacular event showcasing the very best in Indian Bhangra culture, song and dance. The performance is free and consists of two 45 minute segments on the Montecasino Main Stage, opposite The Raj restaurant.

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