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Famous surfboard manufacturer to set up shop in SA!

April 30, 2010

Channel Islands Surfboards is one of the most well-known surfboards in the world, and is set to launch in South Africa tomorrow, 1 May 2010! The surfboard-making industry in the country is sure to be shaken up as new levels of excellence in board manufacturing are revealed. Some of the best surfers in the world are known to have Channel Island Surfboards and have had great success throughout their careers.

The Channel Islands factory is to be set up in Durban, and the Gateway Theatre of Shopping is to host a Channel Islands Retail Outlet. The materials used to make the surfboards in South Africa are absolutely identical to those used in the Santa Barbara factory – everything from the resin to sanding equipment. This will ensure that customers get the exact consistency and high quality offered in the states. The only difference is that it will be produced HERE, by OUR workforce, strengthening DURBAN’s economy! Exciting?

Soon Channel Islands Surfboards will have various internet portals where South Africans can communicate, view videos and check out the specs of models available. Bringing this calibre of board to South Africa is definitely exciting! For more information, contact Stan Badger, a dynamic young surfer who is to be in charge of sales and marketing, on +27 76 242 9909 or at

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