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Student Design Awards get new life and meaning from new sponsor

May 26, 2010

PG Bison has breathed new life and meaning into the Student Design Awards 2010, a prestigious Student Design Competition, including a new name (1.sixoneeight), a new logo and a selection of new judges who are all industry leaders and design gurus drawn from the world of interior design and culture.

The rationale behind the new name is that 1.618 is the Golden Ratio, the Golden Number or the Golden Mean. It is often denoted by the Greek letter phi, and the phenomenon has fascinated influential minds the world over, as it was discovered 2 400 years ago that many properties of physical elements exhibited a clear mathematical ratio proportion. Humans are attracted to physical things that have attributes of the golden ratio, and the ratio has thus inspired thinkers across all disciplines to achieve it.

The competition is open for entries, and all design and architecture students are urged to enter. The theme for the year is “Eat, Sleep, Bath, Cook and Live”, conceptualised by competition partner @home. The submission date for entries is 13 August 2010. Students interested in entering can download the entry form from the site.

The first prize is a trip for the winning student, accompanied by their lecturer, to the 2011 Milan Furniture Fair, which is valued at R40 000 per person. The winner also receives an @home Gift Card worth R15 000.

The judging panel for the 2010 1.sixoneeight Competition for Students of Architecture and Interior Design include design experts and authorities such as Brian Steinhobel, Derek Patrick, Greg Gamble, Phill Mashabane, Kim Fairbairn, Pat Henry, Ntabi Taukobong and Andrea Kleinloog. The competition team also welcomes David Chong, one of the founders of the Night of 1000 Drawings.

The competition is also the first ever to be accredited through the institute of Interior Design Professions.

For more information about the competition, call Angus Campbell on +27 84 4848844 or +27 11 6461675 or send him an email.

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