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Seen Grease?

June 4, 2010

Grease is now showing at Montecasino’s Teatro, and my husband and I were lucky enough to get to go to the show on Wednesday evening. We left home relatively early, hoping to make it before the rush, but little did we know we were part of it!

The William Nicol off ramp was chock-a-block full of cars. Most of them weren’t going the same way as us, but many of them were! Clearly the Teatro and its shows are a very popular pastime for many!

I was very impressed with the production. The stage was flawless, with moving ramps, flashing lights, gorgeous props and backgrounds, and the live band was high up at the back of the stage.

The cast members were ideally matched to their characters. Jonathan Roxmouth was entirely recognisable as Danny, and Bethany Dickson was almost a better Sandy than Olivia Newton John! Sharon Spiegel was an amazing match to Frenchie, and Genna Galloway gave a perfect representation of the stroppy Rizzo.

All the singers and dancers were practically flawless, but I must say that the performance I enjoyed the most was Thembeka Mnguni, who was alternately Miss Lynch and Frenchie’s “Fairy Godmother” – her rendition of “Beauty School Dropout” was awesome, and she hit every note flawlessly, stretching her voice to amazing lengths.

However, everything was not perfect! By no means am I a professional critic, but I am going to say that Jonathan Roxmouth was underplayed by Danny’s reputation – there was something missing in the Danny that I saw on stage. There was also way too much hip-thrusting, sexually suggestive movements and zap signs thrown here and there for children, considering that the show only has an age restriction of three! Also, the additional scenes I found did not add anything extra to the production.

I must say though that my views are perhaps skewed by the massive-headed person sitting in front of me through the first half! I had to duck and dodge to see the stage. Perhaps theatres should be more sloped in the auditorium so that everyone can see! My husband kindly swapped seats with me for the second half and even he had to sit up taller in his seat, and he is already tall! 🙂

What did you think of the show?

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  1. Shaun permalink
    June 4, 2010 12:57 pm

    Besides you stating “Bethany Dickson was almost a better Sandy than Olivia Newton John” and the big headed guy sitting in front of me in the 2nd half it was great.

    P.S. nobody could be better than Olivia Newton John as Sandy. Nobody I tell you! Nobody.


    • Roane Swindon permalink*
      June 4, 2010 1:36 pm

      Har de ha ha! You’re so funny!

    • Roane Swindon permalink*
      June 4, 2010 1:37 pm


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