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Cobus Visser has to withdraw from ‘Grotoupa’ for medical reasons

September 8, 2010

Veteran actor Cobus Visser, who was to play the role of Grotoupa in GROET DIE GROTOUPA (Lefra Productions), has had to withdraw from the production due to medical reasons.

GROET DIE GROTOUPA was written by scriptwriter Lizz Meiring, who also directs the production.  Frans Swart of Lefra Productions is the producer. 

 Cobus Visser is especially well-known for his dubbing of Alf, and can currently be seen in the television series Villa Rosa. He has also acted in various movies and TV series, and is a highly talented dubbing director.  Previews would have begun this week, with the show  opening at the Mardi Gras Theatre at Carnival City on 14 September. Cobus began feeling ill when they began rehearsing in the theatre, and could not carry on. His cardiologist advised him not to press on with the production. 

 “I am really sorry to leave Lizz, Frans and the Lefra team in the lurch like this, but unfortunately I have had heart problems in the past, so I can’t take the chance of disregarding the specialist’s advice.  I was so excited to be back on the stage after thirty years, and Grotoupa was the ideal role. But I’m afraid my health will not allow me”, Cobus said.

 Lizz Meiring, scriptwriter and director, describes Cobus as a very talented and hard-working actor. 

 “Cobus was an incredible Grotoupa and it is such a pity that he won’t be able to do this role.  He immediately got into the character, and the warmth I had written into the role of the ‘oupa’ shone through from the moment go.  I have a lot of respect for him as an actor, and realised anew during rehearsals what an especially talented actor Cobus is.  But one realises that health comes first, and for that very reason, I have even more respect for him, because he really tried to see his commitment through.”

 Frans Swart, producer of GROET DIE GROTOUPA, says he is truly sorry that Cobus became ill. 

 “One can’t play with one’s health, and I respect Cobus and Lizz absolutely for their decision”, Swart said. 

 A frantic search is underway for Cobus’s replacement, and Lefra Productions is to announce the outcome within the next day or two.

 “Of course we have had to cancel the first two weeks of GROET DIE GROTOUPA at the Carnival City Mardi Gras Theatre, and the opening night has been postponed. The production at the Mardi Gras is set to resume within two to three weeks, however. I must add that we have high regard for Carnival City’s entertainment department for appreciating the human aspect of our dilemma.”  

 Those who have already bought tickets from Computicket can go to any Computicket branch to exchange them for shows on later dates. 

 “Lizz wrote a great script, and Cobus had already made Grotoupa his own. We definitely have another winner here!”

 Swart says the new dates will be announced as soon as possible, but they are aiming for the end of September.

 “Cobus gave his all to making a success of Grotoupa … we wish him a speedy recovery”, Swart concluded.

 For more information, call Lefra Productions on 011 815 3000 or send an e-mail to


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  1. Jacoba permalink
    November 12, 2010 1:21 pm

    Dis so jammer dat siekte ons van soveel dinge kan ontneem, maar die belangrikste is dat daar nie op ‘n hopie gesit word nie. Daar sal weer ‘n geleentheid op Cobus se pad kom dit glo ons. Sterkte.

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